Monday, September 24, 2007

There Is Another Skywalker

(If you just felt a soft breeze gust over you from the direction of Davis, you were not imagining things. I am fairly certain that Ian, upon seeing this blog post, will consider his life's work well done -- not only is his daughter exhibiting early Star Wars enthusiasm, but his wife titled this blog post with a quote that she would never have known or used without his influence. His sigh of satisfaction will be deep enough to alter wind patterns as far north as Canada.)

Maggie is not crawling yet, much to her dismay, but she has learned to inch along the floor by pushing with her toes and digging in with her elbows. The military has several times tried to recruit her, but she is unwilling to commit her talents to their cause. I adore her.
Good grief, where was I? Ah, the crawling. While not yet efficient enough at the art of motion to strike fear into my heart, Maggie can, given enough time, work her way into some unexpected positions. When I set her on the ground today in order to prepare Max some breakfast, she was several feet from the birthday light saber (which has a friend now, by the way. Ian bought a second light saber so that he and Max could duel. Ian's death at my hand is officially imminent), and she was lying on her back. While I lovingly buttered a bagel for the boy, Maggie evidently flipped, inched over, and began trying her hand at the Jedi arts.

Or, maybe she didn't so much go to the light saber. Maybe she brought the light saber to her, via The Force. If so, the military will almost certainly redouble their efforts to win her allegiance. (I think that I have carried this Star Wars metaphor far enough without drawing the obvious comparisons between our government and the Dark Side, but feel free to make up your own if that's your thing.)


Aly said...

oh my lord too cute for words.

ps. i felt the breeze. ... or was that maybe the arctic winds that torment me here?

Chelsa said...

The weather is quite pleasant over by UC Davis, Aly. It's not even cold enough for a jacket yet. People who dislike the arctic should consider a move in a Chelsaish direction.

Aly said...

ahhh if it werent for the international student fees i'd have a t-shirt on and a nice tan right now.

sarah said...

This first picture might just be the best thing I've ever seen. In my entire life. If you can somehow film her really wielding the light saber, I will post it on youtube tonight! No surprise to me you have a jedi in your midst.

xo Sarah

Chelsa said...

Sadly, we have been unable to get any video of Maggie's Jedi exercises, because she moves so quickly that she is just a blur on screen.