Sunday, September 02, 2007

Birthdays All Around

This weekend is a busy one for our family. Today is the birthday of both my Grandma Kay (she is the charming and lovely lady sitting to the immediate right of Maggie and I) ...

... and Ian's dad, otherwise known as Bapa (Grandpa) Phil. (Phil is the charming and lovely gentleman holding the kite. He is also, if you need further clarification, the taller of the two Tillmans pictured here.) We celebrated Phil's birthday yesterday, and the festivities were made extra festive by the inclusion of Ian's sister, her husband, and the world-famous Cousin Joey. Max, Joey and Maggie's interactions were cute enough to deserve a blog post all their own, which will be forthcoming. We will be celebrating Grandma Kay's birthday on Monday, where the festivities will, I am sure, be made extra festive by the inclusion of Ian, who has his first non-retail three-day weekend and therefore TOTALLY DOESN'T HAVE TO WORK! I have a feeling that the interactions of Max and Maggie with their Ailman relations will be cute enough to require a blog post all their own as well, so expect party photo aftermath here for the next few days. And with that cliff-hanger ending, I must bid you farewell, for my feminine and fairy-like daughter has just defecated noisily onto me, herself, and everything in a twenty-foot radius of ground zero. If this blog never updates again, you'll know that I didn't make it out alive.

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