Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Max Media

Max with his Mama and his Daddy

The better to see you with, my dear.

Max with Mama and Granny

Max with his Auntie Sarah

Max expresses his opinion of any activity that interferes with his feeding time.

We are all very excited this week by the much-anticipated arrival of Max's cousin, Joey Brooks. Joey was born on Saturday, December third, about a week after his due date. Although Max and Joey were due only four weeks apart, they each had their own ideas about timing, and are closer to three months apart. They are still close enough in age, however, to make travel for both sets of parents difficult, which means that Max and Joey have yet to meet. We can hardly wait to see our new nephew!
Max continues to be a delight to his parents, grandparents, and anyone whose life he happens to touch. I feel, as a totally objective observer, that he is among the smarter, kindlier, and more attractive people that the world will ever know. We are so happy that our family has grown by two such fantastic members!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Max happy again!

Well, Max's cranky spell has ended, and he is back to his usual amiable self. It turned out ( and decency forbids me from telling you how I know this) that Max was working out some digestive issues. He resolved these issues early this morning, and is feeling refreshed and considerably lighter in both body and spirit.
As a result of this excorcism, however, Max needed a bath, which he is usually opposed to. He bore it with good grace, as you can see, and is now so snuggly and sweet-smelling that it's ridiculous. Hopefully, those of you that reacted anxiously to news of his crankiness can now be at peace, knowing that Max is safe and happy once again!

Max's Crabby Day

So far, Max has proven himself to be a patient, calm, and generally delightful addition to the family, kicking up a fuss only when hungry or very lonely ( if a mean-spirited and thoughtless parent should attempt to put him in his bed when he is in a sociable frame of mind). Pushed over the edge by an overabundance of Christmas Tree posing, however, Max is currently in the middle of his first inexplicable cranky fit. He is not hungry, he is not wet, he does not wish to cuddle, nor is he interested in playing. Ian is trying to soothe him with the age-old cure of some Otis Redding and slow-dancing. It seems to be working. I suspect that Max wants us to be grateful for his usual sunny disposition, and is giving us a taste of the crab for contrast. I, for one, get the point.