Friday, September 28, 2007


As wonderful as it is to watch Max grow and thrive, it is also alarming, and a bit sad, to see how quickly he leaves each developmental phase behind. He is so funny and charming right now, and while I know that he will only get funnier and more charming, he will inevitably outgrow some of his behaviors, catch-words, etc., and replace them with new ones. To help us remember his freshly turned two self, and to share with those of you who can't see him every day, I have made a list of some particularly splendid Maxisms:

1)He loves the alphabet, and many of his favorite games revolve around identifying letters. He pronounces the 'W' "dumbleboo". Ian and I make him say the 'W' as often as we can.

2)He has begun greeting people by saying, "Hi, Baby!" It started in imitation of us talking to Maggie, but now he says it to everyone. He sounds like a very young pick-up artist. It slays me.

3)When he snuggles up with Ian or I, he says "Nice and cosy!" in a gravelly little voice. It's pretty much the best.

4)He frequently walks up to Maggie, gets right up close until he is nose to nose with her, and says, "goo!" No one knows why.

5)He talks in his sleep almost every night. He makes dream jokes, and then he laughs at his own wit. Yesterday, he spent from 4:30-4:45 saying, "poof!" and then chortling about the humorousness of his own self, over and over again. You'd think it would be annoying, and it kind of was, but it was downright adorable, too.

6)He will often ask for things, and then when you repeat what he said, looking for confirmation, he will say, "okay!" Example: Max says, "Milk?" You say, "You want some milk?" and Max says, "Okay!" like it was your idea and he is humoring you by accepting your offer.

7)When he is messing around with something he shouldn't be messing around with, he will cheerfully say, "Mama's!" or "Dada's!" depending on whose item he is illegally handling. This idiosyncrasy has saved us on numerous occasions. Two mornings in a row, I followed Max's jubilant voice proclaiming "Dada's! No no Max, Dada's!" and arrived just in time to prevent Max from using Ian's starch to make the entire universe a crisper, more wrinkle-free place.

8)When I pick him up now, he proudly says, "Oof! Max heavy!" He's right, too.

9)He almost always asks for milk in his green sippy cup, and water in his blue sippy cup. I was sort of baffled by this, until Ian pointed out to me that the green cup is bigger.

10)At least twice a day, he runs a couple of laps around the house, one fist held out in front of him, singing the theme song from Superman with great gusto.

There are more, but I don't want to take up too much of your Internet, and these are the current top ten. No, Max is not available to rent for any price. Sorry.

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granny said...

I love how Phil and Bob have remained "Bopa" and "Beamps". Anything he says sounds so adorable. We have to try and get more videotape of him talking.