Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reason # 625,432,978 Why Maggie Is Charming

When Maggie is tired, and she wants to be put to bed, she never says that she wants to go to bed, or that she wants to go night nights, or whatever. She always, always says that she wants to "play night nights". This delights me, that she thinks of going to sleep as yet another game. And then, if you don't take the hint fast enough, she adds, "in bed!" and points. And if you still don't hustle enough to suit her, she will punch you in the knees until you take her to bed. Living with Maggie is a lot like living with a somewhat bossy, extremely violent fraggle. I love her all the way to the stars and back.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Sister

Max to Mama: Who is that picture of?
Mama: That's Daddy, and me, and you when you were a baby.
Max: What are we doing?
Mama: We're on vacation at the beach.
Max: Where's Maggie? Why did we not bring Maggie to the beach?
Mama: That was before Maggie was born.
Max: But where was she?
Mama: We didn't have Maggie yet. It was just you and me and Dada.
Max: WHY?
Mama: Are you getting upset?
Max (lips quivering, eyes filling up with tears): Yeah, I am getting upset, because I'm sad.
Mama: Why are you sad?
Max: Because I miss Maggie! I want her to come with us!
Mama: Well, that's why we had a Maggie. So that we could bring her places with us.
Max: Last years ago?
Mama: Um. Yeah.
Max: That's why we need Maggie to come with us, thatwise I will be sad. Because I love her.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Two Dads

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

When Max was about six months old, he and I walked downtown and popped into Ian's store for a little visit. Ian was with a customer, so Max and I found a corner to occupy ourselves in while we waited. As the customer was getting ready to leave, Ian introduced Max and I to her, we all exchanged pleasantries, and then the customer, on her way out the door, asked Ian when he would be at work in the next few days, in case she had a question or whatever. He told her his hours, and she raised her eyebrows and turned to me.
"Wow!" she said. "You never see him! You must feel like a single parent!"
"No," I said, genuinely baffled. "If I were a single parent, I would be working all those hours, and somehow trying to do everything I do now."
Ian does work long hours. He works weekends and holidays. He does this for us, so that the kids can be home when they need to be home and so that I can be home with them. In and of itself, this is remarkable, and the fact that Ian does not treat it as if it is remarkable only makes it more so. But the truth of the matter is, I was surprised by that customer's comment, because in addition to working long hours, Ian uses the time he does have at home with us to be completely present and available and interactive with his children, to a degree that surpasses remarkable and ventures into the realm of wonderous. We are lucky.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Without Further Ado, The Magic Number Proudly Presents ...

Maggie's impersonation of The Reverend Al Sharpton.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For The Record, I Am Crouched Down -- Max Is Not Taller Than I Am Yet

Although he has been eating like a vacuum lately, and sleeping like a log, and falling apart at the drop of a hat like a -- a -- a thing that falls apart at the drop of a hat, and these signs almost always point to impending growth spurts. I am hoping that I continue to be the taller of the two of us through his fifth birthday. To hope for longer than that would be optimistic to the point of ridiculousness, and I try to be realistic.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Performance Piece

I call this composition:
Fearless Mountain Explorer
In Pink Tutu
(with stubby ponytail).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Girl

Now that Maggie is two, she is eligible to attend preschool with Max and I, and she had her first official school day on Tuesday. Although she is younger than Max was when he started, she has been chomping at the bit for awhile, and her first day went very smoothly. As could perhaps be predicted by anyone who knows me, I was exponentially more anxious on her behalf than she was. She just looked so very small to me, trotting around amidst all the giant four- and five-year olds. Maggie, of course, does not consider herself too small for any task or activity, up to and including wild bull taming and Mt. Everest climbing. As could perhaps be predicted by anyone who knows Maggie, within half an hour of being at school she had roped a team of five year olds into taking turns pushing her on the swing.
I am really glad that Maggie is able to come with us now. It eases up our schedule considerably -- Maggie was staying home with Ian on his days off while Max and I went to school, which meant that Ian and I were working seven days a week between the two of us. It also allows me to keep Maggie close, which is nice because I missed her desperately. I am so, so grateful that I am able to teach and bring the kids with me, so I can be there with Max and Maggie while still giving them a bit of socialization. I would be a wreak of embarrassingly epic proportions otherwise.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Creepy Remarks That Max Has Made In An Offhand Tone Recently:

While Brushing His Teeth:
Max: My toothbrush is poisoned, Mama! So I can't brush my teeth. Sorry.
Mama: There is no poison on your toothbrush. Just toothpaste.
Max: That's where they put the poison. They did your toothbrush, too.

While Attempting to Avoid Falling Asleep At Nap Time:
Max: Hey, Mama?
Mama: What?
Max: You know that feeling?
Mama: What feeling?
Max: You know, that feeling like someone is watching you?

At The Doctor's Office:
Max to Doctor: Doctor, my next mommy broke my next helicopter and I sat on it.
Doctor: Um ... I may need your mom to interpret that one.
Mama: I wish I could.
Doctor: So as far as you know, he hasn't had any accidents recently with broken toys?
Mama: No. Sometimes he --
Max: It didn't happen this day. My next mommy lives in my next house. When I am done here I am going to live there.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Proof Positive That These Poor Children Are Being Raised By Incurably Snobby Coffee Fiends

Maggie to Max in the bath: I'm cooking, Max!
Max: Oh.
Maggie: I'm making cappuccino, Max! It's good! Open your mouth! Drink it! It's good!
Max (glancing critically at Maggie's toy tea cup): You need to put more foam on it, Maggie.