Sunday, September 16, 2007


September 16, 2005. It is hard to imagine now, but Max was, at birth, a scrawny little urchin who needed help to breathe. I hope that we all (him especially) will forget the scary parts of his birth and early hours as time goes on. I know that we will never forget the sudden and amazing sunburst of joy that Ian and I felt the first time he was laid on my chest and we got to see him. We will never forget it, because it has stayed with us ever since.

September 16, 2006. Max's sly sense of humor is firmly established and clearly visible.

September 16, 2007. Max is now officially not a baby, even if I stretch my Mama-esque desire to keep him one as far as it will go. He is a little boy, independent, funny, smart, and wonderful. Max, every day that I get to be your mama is a gift, and while I sometimes wish I could stop time and live some of your stages over and over again, I also know that every day is better than the one before it, because more of you emerges. Happy Birthday, Max! We love you and we are so very proud of you in all your glorious twoness!


granny and gramps said...

From a bug-a-boo-eyed baby to a terrific two year are truly magnificent Max. We love you muchly! Happy birthday you jolly good fellow.

Aly said...

Happy 2nd Birthday my beautiful little nephew! I wish I could be there to see how big you have grown!I love you and miss you Max

Jessi Fry said...

Happy Birthday to my favourite nephew!! I can't believe he is so advanced in years already. We anxiously await the next meeting with our Tillmanish relatives. Love you!

Ixchelle said...

Happy Birthday Max! You have such a sweet personality. I believe your parents have done a WONDERFUL job at parenting you.