Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Running Class Week 2

To sum up: Running class: excellent. Sore muscles: diminishing. Intimidating yet compelling athletic prowess: firmly established. # of times today that I have so far had to remind Max not to threaten any living things with new birthday light saber: 106. # of times Maggie was poked by new birthday light saber: 1 1/2. # of minutes Max cried when new birthday light saber was removed from his custody: 14. # of times I cursed Ian under my breath for buying Max the wretched new birthday light saber: 5. Anticipated mood upon leaving the young Jedi Apprentice with his light saber-purchasing father so that I can go run tonight: gleeful.

Thank You. That is all.


Anonymous said...

I think it is very brave of you to go off and leave your children. Personally i would be afraid. Now that Max has some proficiency with the light saber, i would be scared that Ian might be tempted to don a Black Hard Hat and say "I am your Father, Max" then in the middle of the light saber battle he would cut off Maxs' hand all the while trying to entice him to the dark side. Well maybe that's just my over active imagination. Enjoy your run Dear.

Grandpa Al

Chelsa said...

Darth Ian is, indeed, Max's father, but I am confident that even with the dark side for help, and a black hard hat, he will be no match for Max in his current mood.

granny said...

You also might come home to find Maggie sporting the double bun hairstyle made popular by Princess Leah...oh right, she doesn't have enough hair yet.

Chelsa said...

Even a single bun might prove challenging.