Monday, September 10, 2007

Star Wars Episode VII: Max Makes A Classic His Own

Now that Max's -- (verbalness? verbacity? verbalocity? I have no idea which of these is correct. I suspect none of them is exactly right. To avoid the whole issue, I am going to go with ...) speech and vocabulary are burgeoning, I get endless amounts of entertainment out of listening to him play. I love to hear his imagination at work, especially since he is frequently and unconsciously tremendously funny. Because I am a giving sort of person, I will share with you an example of what I mean, in the form of the following transcript. Without further ado, I bring you:

An Original Script By Max Tillman

R2D2: Beep Beep?
C3Po: Feet.
{Figures bump into each other three times, sounds of struggle}
C3Po: Fight. Rrrr. Grrr.
R2D2: Beep. Diaper. Dipey? Ewww.
C3Po: Arm? Nose. No nose. Wipe Maggie?
R2D2: Thank You. Bonk. Beep? Ohhhhh noooooo ....
{R2D2 falls off of rocking chair}
R2D2 (from floor): Foot? No hair. Beep.
C3Po: Thank You. Hand.


granny said...

I think George Lucas will be contacting him soon for the next script.

Jabbertrack said...

This could have easily replaced "the balcony scene" from Episode 3.

Chelsa said...

Or really any scene that involves the romance of Aniken and Padme. (Are those spelled right? Good grief.)

Chelsa said...

By the way, a few people have expressed confusion over the angle of the picture, and what exactly you are looking at. It is a bird's eye view of Max's hands holding R2 and C3Po, with his tummy next to the rocking chair cushion on the left. Note the outie belly button :-)