Monday, September 17, 2007

Party Like It's Your Birthday

For those of you who could not share in the Max-related revelry in person, I now offer a summary of the wild party and the many delights it contained:

There was the obligatory airing of the Birthday Suit.

There was live music.

There were beautiful expressions of artistry.

There were courtly fingertip kisses exchanged.

Like any really good party, there were a few times when things got a little out of control. We managed to avoid having the cops called, however.

There were presents.

There were people to help open the presents.

And people to help play with the presents.

Most important of all, however, there was a cake. Made by Grandma. Shaped like a tire. Served on a Cars-themed plate. And relished, down to the last ice-creamy crumb.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great party. Sorry i missed it. I especially liked the Woodstocklike nudity and music theme. Happy Birthday Max

Grandpa Al

Ixchelle said...

that's one cute bum!