Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!

As aforementioned, we ventured out to Roseville on Monday to celebrate my grandma. Maggie, who is teething (already!), mostly celebrated by gnawing on this teething ring with jaws of steel and drool that flowed like a river of plenty. Attempts were made to admire her and pass her around. These attempts were largely unsuccessful.

Max, on the other hand, has no objection whatsoever to being admired or passed around. He is especially fond of my cousin Holly (perhaps because she is a lovely young lady, perhaps because she is a lovely young lady with a deep reservoir of patience for Max's antics), and tried to forcibly restrain her when she had to leave at the end of the party.

Max also enjoyed eating no lunch and then gorging on cake, like the small booger that he is. In his defense, it was really good cake.

I think that Grandma enjoyed herself. She exclaimed over her cards ...

... and she seemed to relish the homemade cake and ice cream (as we all did) ...

...but her favorite part seemed to be the company. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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