Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yogic Napping

Max woke up after 45 minutes of napping yesterday, staggered out into the living room, said a bleary hello to Maggie and I, and went back to sleep on my lap. Another hour and a fairly severe neck cramp later, I eased a still sleeping Max off my lap and onto the couch. He wriggled in protest, and ended up in this position, somehow managing another 30 minutes of sleep while thus contorted. No, I am not drugging him. I swear.


auntie P said...

Oh MY GOSH Lynn's Jeffrey used to do that all the time. We would often wonder where he was, why he was so quiet and there he would be sound asleep feet planted on the floor and the rest of his body laying on the couch. That's so funny...must be a family trait. HA

Chelsa said...

And here Max thought he was being all unique. I guess in this family, truly original weirdness is hard to come by.

granny said...

But we keep trying, don't we?