Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kissability Liability

This is what Maggie gets for being fuzzy-headed, soft-skinned, sweet-smelling, and oh, so delightsome. A lot of people don't understand the burdens under which she operates, but she isn't getting any less snuggly, so she may have to put up with this kind of thing for a long, long while. Sorry, Maggie.

I sent this picture to my friend Sarah, who remarked (among other, more flattering comments) that this particular photograph emphasizes Maggie's humorous hair-loss pattern in a way that called Sarah's attention to it for the first time. I would have been offended, but I am forced to confess that Maggie's patchiness has not escaped my amused attention, either. Maggie's hair is funny. She has male-pattern baldness in the front and around the back, leaving one dark tuft in the middle of her head that often stands straight up, and a fringe around the back of her neck that makes her look like she is a monk. Somehow, though, she mysteriously manages to pull this off in such a way that her loveable-ness is only increased by it.


jt said...

Maggie looks great! She is getting big, I can't wait to see her and Max again!

Chelsa said...

We're excited, too! Max has been practicing everyone's names, based on pictures. He is still pronouncing your name, 'Aunt Dean', but he should be ready to greet everyone next week.

Ixchelle said...

I am glad that you're enjoying having ian home. How about getting together for a BBQ soon?