Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chelsa: Innocent Victim Or International Woman Of Mystery And Malice?

When I left the living room this morning, it looked more or less like this. Not immaculate, but certainly clean enough to make one feel that order had triumphed over chaos. I changed Maggie's diaper, put a fresh onesie on her, and returned to the living room, where I beheld this shocking transformation:

One of two things must have happened. Either a)The United States government, having long suspected me of spying for the Canadian Secret Police under the alias Cheleka, took advantage of my brief absence, rushed in, and ransacked the living room in search of any documents containing the code words "pop" or "zed", or b)...

...we have a toddler infestation in our apartment. I shall investigate both possibilities and keep you posted.

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Ixchelle said...

can max come over for a play date? He is just too funny and too cute! I think his parents are pretty cool too.