Saturday, August 18, 2007


For the second time this week, Max has awoken from his naply slumber, staggered out to greet the world, decided that his awakening was perhaps premature, and gone back to sleep in weird positions and locations for extended periods of time. Maybe Ian is drugging him, and not telling me? If that's the case, though, Ian, then why on earth aren't you administering whatever tranquilizer dart it is at night, instead?

As a small side note, you may be wondering what the blue thing wedged into the couch near Max's hindquarters is. I wondered myself, while reviewing these photos. Is Max now laying small blue eggs, as a side effect of the sedative that Ian claims not to know anything about?

No, no. Meticulous research on my part reveals that the item is, in fact, Sally from the Pixar movie Cars. Max loves Cars. As a family, we have seen the opening race scene of Cars 1,293,463 times. It now works on both Ian and myself in such a way that we can use it instead of giving ourselves sleep medication, should we ever again be permitted to even think about sleep.

As a second side note, are Max's feet bigger than the entire galaxy, or what? I know, I know, right now Granny is out there rolling her eyes and saying, "First the head, and now the feet! Why can't she just leave my perfectly proportioned grandson alone, for goodness' sake?" Even you have to admit it, though, Granny. They're like hobbit feet. Only not so hairy.


granny said...

I will not have my grandchildren compared to hobbits. Good heavens, what's next? Just remember I have pictures and stories of you that both Max and Maggie will have access to in the future. So be careful my precious.

Chelsa said...


Gollum said...

Does Gollum smell some itsy bitsy hairsy hobbitses creeping around in the Tillmans house?

Gollum thinksis that maybe that blonde hobbitses is hidding his precious in his cars themed diapersis.


Cars Themed Diapers said...