Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Gratuitous Maggie Sleeping

Ian's new job starts earlier in the morning than his old one did, which means that everyone has to get up and moving a little earlier. Some of us, however (not naming any names, but they are pictured here), seem to think that the new schedule is for suckers. Max spent most of Sunday night in bed with us for some sinister reason, which meant that I spent the night wedged between children and woke up to discover that I had turned into one giant crick in the neck. I hope and believe that Ian's excited adrenalin about starting a new job balanced out whatever injuries he sustained, but it was not exactly the good night's sleep that you hope for before embarking on a new enterprise. Max, Ian and I got up around six-thirty. Maggie let out a contented, milky sigh, stretched herself out as far as she could go in every direction, and slept in until 9:15. I have never been so deeply envious of anyone in all my life.

I realize that I posted pictures of Maggie sleeping just a couple of days ago, and that I have already discussed her slothfulness in as much depth as the topic requires. I find, however, that I personally cannot get enough sleeping Maggie pictures, and I am banking on the idea that everyone shares my enthusiasm.

Well, maybe not everyone.


Anonymous said...

My personal perspective is that there can never be too many pictures of Maggie (sleeping or otherwise) even if she occasionally gives all the hairy eyeball.

Sleep on Maggie !!!!

Grandpa Al

Ixchelle said...

I Love it when they sleep sleep sleep. I'm with you granpa al sleep on Maggie. I think it's making you even cuter

Chelsa said...

Ian says that the "hairy eyeball" is a phrase unique to The Frys. I always thought that it was a common phrase, although it is true that nobody gives the hairy eyeball like a Fry.