Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chelsa turns 30

And so it came to pass that Chelsa grew to be 30 years old. As someone who has known Chelsa for roughly 17 of those 30 years, I can attest to her quality. We just ate the traditional Chelsa birthday Thai food, and as Max gets ready to have a bath and get the goo removed from his hair, I thought I would sneak in a blog post about how great Chelsa is.

For example, you might know that Chelsa is the best mama and the best wife ever, but did you know that Chelsa is also a voracious reader? And of multiple genres too. She has read every book by both Margaret Atwood and Steven King. I got her the latest Harry Potter book at 10:30pm on the night it came out, and she finished it by 11:00am the next day.

So happy birthday Chelsa. I love you lots, and everybody else does too.


margaret said...

happy happy birthday chelsa! congratulations on turning 30! (and, uh, how flipping cute is that picture of you two? so cute.)

happy day.

Ian said...

That was back in the day. Look at how much hair I had too...sigh.

Chelsa said...

That was in '93, just after we started dating.

Anonymous said...

A very, very happy birthday, Chelsa! We wish we were closer so could give you a big hug as well but glad to be able to see you on the blog often. What a treat it is to read your comments and see the kids grow especially since we did not get to see you all this summer in person. Have a very great day!! Love you lots, Grandma & ERhart