Friday, August 17, 2007

Binge Drinking

Maggie has been on a big nursing kick recently. Actually, since birth, but even more so for the last week or two. A Maggie separated from her constant milk source (me!) is a Maggie bereft. Since Maggie has inherited my round cheeks (along with the rest of my face, according to most people), she can be tragically, pathetically fooled into rooting by the feel of her own kissable cheek pressing against surfaces. Here we witness this phenomenon, as Maggie tries with clench-fisted desperation to find the nip that must, simply must be there somewhere, since she can see and feel something round and fleshy off to the left. (Is it wrong that I find this funny? Maybe Granny is right -- my mockery of Max's giant head and Maggie's roundy cheeks points to deep and merciless reservoirs of cruelty. Oh, well. I gotta be me.)

While I was taking a quick break from my dairy duties to go to the bathroom (the nerve of me! I don't know what got into me), I put Maggie in her car seat, where she yelled and rooted herself into a fitful, neglected slumber. I paid dearly for my frivolous bathroom gallivanting when she awoke ten minutes later, with the raging appetite of a thousand titans. Ow.

P.S. I just noticed that in these pictures, Maggie is wearing the same outfit as in yesterday's post. She does have and wear other clothes occasionally. I'm just saying.

P.S.2. These pictures were taken earlier this week. In the time between then and now, Maggie's strength has increased to the point where she can leap out of the car seat if she is not buckled in, ending for all time the practice of setting her in there for my convenience when I need both hands free for a second. She now has to go on a blanket on the floor, which makes me nervous because I am afraid that Max will step on her. Even this is a temporary solution, though, because I am fairly certain that she will be up and walking, if not running, by early next week. She is an amazon.

P.S.3. Sarah, observe that I included NO graphic breastfeeding photos to illustrate my point here, although I have the perfect one in my archives, and then never say that I never did you any favors.

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