Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It Takes A Village

While Ian and I frantically pack up everything we've ever owned, Max has been hard at work, too. This weekend was especially grueling for him. On Saturday, he endured an afternoon of being catered to and adored by Grandma and Grandpa Tillman. He was forced to play in the pool, watch Lola Dog cavort, and eat hand-made smoothies. While he sees the unfairness of his burden, he is willing to shoulder it for the greater good.

Sunday was pretty rough, too. Max was taken to the park by Granny and Gramps, where he was cruelly made to eat a picnic lunch, play in the public pool, and flirt with humanity in general. I know, it is mean to make my baby carry on under the weight of so much grandparently attention, while I hoard the cushy job of packing in the ten-million degree apartment to myself, but I have always been selfish that way.


Raging Wombat said...

Max's selflessness is truly inspiring. There is a lesson for us all here.

Jabbertrack said...

I agree, henceforth I plan to cry when I need something and allow people to clean my poop as well.