Friday, August 11, 2006

The Energizer Bunny Lives At My House

Max is beautiful, good-natured, miraculous, and EXHAUSTING. He does not stop moving. Ever. Ever. If it is on the floor, he'll eat it. If it is dangerous, he'll poke it. If it is forbidden, he'll desire it. If it is a cat, he'll chase it. He has now been swiped at by cats four times (even Edgar!), knocked the lamp over on himself six times, and eaten unknown quantities of fur, cardboard, and carpet lint. While in Canada, his hobbies included climbing the stairs all the way to the top (and then trying with all his might to fly back down), opening kitchen drawers and then closing them on his own fingers, and trying to play video games on the playstation (while eating the wires). He has not yet electrocuted himself or run out into traffic, but only because I have hurled myself bodily in the path of peril. When we move, it might be into a padded cell, for at least one of us. The wonderful and weird thing about parenthood, though, is that in spite of all this, spending more than an hour away from him makes me crazy.

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granny said...

You just need a little granny-aid. I am on my way. Or as Mighty Mouse would say, "Here I come to save the day."
And a very happy birthday to my child. You were a creative and sensitive child and you bring those qualities to your parenting of Max. I could not be more proud of you. I love you Chili Bean. Your Mum