Thursday, August 24, 2006

Right Before The Claws Came Out

Immediately after this photo was taken, the following seven things happened: 1)Max reached up and affectionately pinched Edgar's ear. 2)Edgar reached down and not-so-affectionately showed Max his claws. 3)Max laughed and reached for Edgar's tail. 4)Edgar moved his tail to higher ground and raised a threatening paw. 5)Max laughed and made rapid smacking motions on the piano stool near Edgar's face. 6)Edgar narrowed his eyes and batted languidly at Max's hands. 7)I put down the camera, scolded both parties for their respective acts of violence, and removed a protesting Max from Edgar's vicinity. You will notice that nowhere was there any mention of Max stopping and thinking to himself, "Huh, I wonder if hitting/pinching someone with that many claws and that little empathy is detrimental to my health in any way?" Nor was there any indication of Edgar, as far as I could tell, contemplating a move to higher ground to avoid the hitting/pinching. Edgar and Max may not feel that they have very much in common, but they definitely share an innate ability to shield themselves from absorbing any kind of life lesson.


Raging Wombat said...

I'm glad you clarified that it was Edgar's claws that were about to come out. I was afraid there was something about Max - maybe a Wolverine-esque trait - that I didn't know about.

granny said...

You certainly didn't expect the king of all the wild things to retreat did you? He's Max for goodness sake.