Saturday, August 12, 2006

Security Breech

Among the many crimes Max enjoys perpetrating throughout the day, messing with the TV remains an all-time favorite. The worst part is that he knows it is forbidden, and has accordingly begun pausing at the threshold of the TV cabinet, turning, and grinning at me before commencing wickedness. I can't help but feel mocked.

Once he senses that I have been demoralized enough by his taunting, Max proceeds to examine the treasure-trove of cords, knobs, and screens before him. Button-pushing and wire-pulling make up the bulk of the mischief, although he will occasionally branch off into yanking on the nearby lamp or trying to stick his fingers into the electrical socket, just to keep things from getting stale.

Max is smart enough, unfortunately, that he has figured out that certain buttons on the TV make certain interesting things happen. He has learned to change channels (and he NEVER picks the shows we want to see), turn the TV on and off, and get the xbox disk holder to open. The xbox was a favorite pastime, so much so, in fact, that Ian had to remove it to a secure and undisclosed location for its own protection. The moral of this story is that if Max is in the habit of visiting your house, you might want to remove your valuables to a Swiss bank account or lead-plated safe. And never reveal the combination to him, no matter how much he drools on you.


granny said...

This gives new meaning to the term "Homeland Security". Ashcroft may be looking for a new job soon....perhaps he could give you some tips?

Jabbertrack said...

carefull.. I see him eyeing that wall socket too

Chelsa said...

Who -- Max, or Ashcroft?