Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Call Of The Open Road

Operation Pack And Move is in full swing at the soon-to-be-vacated Tillman homestead. Max has been extremely interested and helpful every step of the way. He insists on testing the integrity of each and every box before it is loaded up.

He is a very hands-on kind of assistant, and I have several times overheard Ian wondering how he would get anything done without Max.

Goblin has also been a huge burden-lifter, shouldering way more than her fair share of the box-shredding, cat-cave making chores that are an integral part of any move. I am noticeably absent from any packing photos, because my job takes place behind the scenes. Ian (with the help of Max and the kitties) has been doing most of the actual packing labor, while I (without the help of Max or the kitties) have been in charge of keeping the small and/or furry members of Team Tillman out of Ian's way. As you can see from these photos, Ian has so far been way more successful at his job than I have been at mine. I have managed to keep Max from slicing pieces of himself or anyone else with the duct-tape gun, and from knocking any heavy boxes onto himself. I try to draw strength from the small victories, Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul style.

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