Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby Banana Breath

Max's tooth is officially out and proud. After months of hiding, and weeks of barely peeking forth, the tooth has broken the gum and can be clearly seen by anyone who happens to walk past Max's open mouth.

This has thrown open the doors to all sorts of exciting new frontiers. Max can now experience the pleasure of biting and chewing, and I can experience the pleasure of feeding him real food, instead of jars, cans, or bowls of mush. He has very advanced fine motor skills (it's not a Davis parent thing to say, it's just the truth), and picking up small bites helps hone the pincers. Max can now feed himself about half a banana, cut up into bite-sized bananalets.

Of course, he does sometimes get ahead of himself, stuffing piece after piece into the maw without chewing and swallowing the previous bite first. This has occasionally led to heartbreak, when a too-big chunk of food has to be scooped out by the adult unlucky enough to be sitting closest.

Luckily, my resourceful child has discovered a handy storage system for bites that the mouth cannot accommodate. Dead center of the forehead is only one of many interesting and unexpected places that Max uses for squirreling away food. Guess what a few of the others are!


granny said...

The neck folds are I believe, his personal favourites are they not?

Jabbertrack said...

neck folds is a universal baby food storage area

Merritt loves to keep breastmilk in there until it smells.