Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where did we go?

Okay, I just want everyone to know that we have not died. We have moved, however, and won't have internet till 9-14-06. Chelsa is going into severe blogger withdrawals as we speak, so give her a call if you can.

Details will follow at some point, but as of now we are waiting on DSL, satellite, washer dryer, and pilot light lighting. Then, our life will be complete. Max, Chelsa, and the cats have adjusted suprisingly well to the new place. It is much nicer then where we were living.

Anyway, Chelsa can't wait to revisit the blogosphere. If I can "borrow" some bandwidth tonight, I will get you to post.

Thanks for reading,



stina said...

Hey-glad to see you back. I was starting to wonder.... And why does it take so long to set all that stuff up anyways? Don't they understand that internet is necessary for survival these days?

Raging Wombat said...

Why don't you light the pilot yourself? We've done it, yo. And then you can get back to your cookin'.

Ian said...

We are not totally back yet, but Chelsa is going into major internet withdrawls. In Davis, we sometimes feel like the only young couple with a full time mom in town. The internet allows Chelsa to read about other people with shared experiences. She has like a million "Hoppers Happenings" to read. As for the pilot light, I am just not sure how to do that...well Chelsa feels I might blow something up.

Jabbertrack said...

not possible to blow something up, but sometimes they can be a pain in the arse if you don't have the right thing to light it with

I couldn't get our water heater lit when we moved in but PG&E comes out the same day if you call them so I was fine with some other guy fussing about it.