Thursday, August 10, 2006

Taking The Tooth For A Test Drive

Max's new tooth has inspired -- nay, driven -- Max to explore new frontiers of biting recently. He is no longer satisfied with simple mush, or even mush with a bit of texture. He is demanding culinary experiences that he can really sink his tooth into. Accordingly, whilst in Canada, his friends and relations offered him many new chewing experiences. Max eased in with soft fruits -- cantaloupe, cherries, strawberries, etc.

Feeling the need to nourish the enamel of his dental companion, Max moved on to the mineral-rich sands of several Canadian beaches.

When his tooth was sufficiently suffused with the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and grit, Max took on the challenge of chewing and eating a couple of rocks, fresh from the lake. He couldn't eat every bite of stone, but he is saving the leftovers for when the top teeth come in.

p.s. Those of you who like to comment on the blog will notice that there is an extra hoop to jump through now when publishing your comment. It is called word verification, and it is supposed to help get rid of those "anonymous comments", which are really just web spam and are arriving four of five times a day now. They are aggravating, and so hopefully this will deter the evil spirits that create them, but don't let it deter you!


granny said...

Is it true that Canadian rocks taste like bacon?

Jabbertrack said...

did you know there are 18 instances of 'Canada' or 'Canadian' just on the front page alone?

I demand America be represented when Max adventures on our soil as well.

Chelsa said...

America is the default setting for Max's adventures, because that is where he spends almost all his time. I therefore think that it is well-represented, and in no need of special mention.

Raging Wombat said...

Have you considered that Max might have a gizzard for storing those stones he is chewing? If he does, then I am jealous. They are supposed to be great aids in digestion.

No problem with the word verification. It is very feng shui - it will distract and confuse the evil spirits to no end!

penny said...

Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada. :) Gotta love a good old smart a** canadian. We miss you already, and feeding Max the delicious morsels that he enjoys so much. Cherries and cake.