Friday, October 26, 2007

Team Uniforms: Take Two

Once upon a time, when Max was a baby, I got him a set of pajamas. The had stripy little shorts, a lizard on the shirt, and they were orange. These are most if not all of the things that a Chelsa loves in a baby outfit. Consequently, Max wore them frequently, and when he outgrew them, I lovingly saved them for future offspring. So perfectly tailored were they to my taste, in fact, that Ian's mom spotted them in Baby Gap awhile later, and bought Max the very same pajamas in a larger size. This, of course, left me with two sets, and I immediately envisioned (I was pregnant by this time) the wondrous matching outfit photos that would soon be mine to cherish. In the time it has taken Maggie to grow into the smaller pair, however, Max has almost outgrown the larger pair, causing me to feel a certain sense of urgency (and causing Ian to mutter darkly that Max looks like he is wearing stripy hot pants whenever he puts them on, and wouldn't it be nice if Max's mother prioritized her son's budding masculinity over some stupid picture that no one will sit still for anyway?). I have now tried to capture the synchronized pajama moment twice. The first time went poorly. The second time (last night) went better in the sense that no one got peed on, but did not yield noticeably more attractive pictures. Sadly, of all the photos taken, this was the best of them. Who's up for round three?

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