Sunday, October 14, 2007


Considering the fact that they sprang from the same gene pool, Max and Maggie have surprisingly little in common. They do not look, sound, or behave even remotely alike, something that has allowed Ian and I to feel like we are parents for the first time twice. If that makes sense. While I find their many dissimilarities charming and fascinating, and while I think that each of them is the most uniquely perfect example of babyhood that the world has ever known, I have been looking in vain for some shred of evidence that they are even related since Maggie's fetushood on. And I finally found it. In comparing these two pictures, I can actually see a sibling resemblance, both in facial features and in behavior. Max and Maggie may be differently built and complected, and they may have different interests and preferences and challenges, but they both clearly like a nice sprawled-out sleep in the dead-center of the parental bed.

Max in January of 06 (around four and a half months old).

Maggie in early October of 07 (around four and a half months old).


margaret said...

oddly, i was just thinking about this yesterday-- i actually think max and maggie have similar eyes, though not in the "oh my god, their eyes are exactly the same" sort of way. because they are not. but despite that, i still say it's all in the eyes.

Chelsa said...

In person, I don't think that Max and Maggie look any more alike than my cat and I, but there have been a couple of pictures of Maggie lately that remind me of Baby Max.