Friday, October 05, 2007

Once Upon A Time

Max likes to share with Maggie (as long as his long and specific list of exceptions is observed and adhered to), and he really gets a kick out of her interest in him. Last night, as I was reading Max a story, we both observed that Maggie, who was tummy-timing it nearby, was closely watching the pages turn. Max then created the rule that he got to see the page, I got to read the page, and then we all had to show Maggie the page. Max sort of shoved the book up her nose a few times, but she is tough and tolerant of his oversolicitousness, and we think it is bracing to her character.


granny said...

Did Batman get to participate, or was he just having some backtime?

Chelsa said...

So just leap right over the warm cuteness of the scene, and focus on the fact that Batman did not get put away properly. He wanted to hear the story, too, OKAY?!