Saturday, October 27, 2007

Resemblances: The Sequel

I continue to assert that Max and Maggie do not look particularly alike. I could write you a very long list of their dissimilarities, so detailed and specific and convincing that you would come away wondering if they were even related at all, if only Maggie were not pooping as we speak, necessitating an abbreviated post. In spite of this, however, I have been having some photographic flashbacks lately. This recent picture of Maggie, for instance:

She kept reminding me of someone as I looked at this photo, but I couldn't figure out who or what, until today, when I was rooting through our picture files and found:

This picture of Max from March of last year, when he was just a little older than Maggie is now. Granted, they are wearing the same outfit, and they are sitting in similar positions in similar chairs, which could be throwing me off. Am I crazy in thinking that there is a little something the same-ish about them, after all?

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granny said...

They are sameish in the adorable and cute level. And you are right, they tease with these glimpses of similiarities, but they work hard at proving just how individual they are.