Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Trip #1

Yes, the entire Internet is groaning under the sheer weight of all the pictures I just posted. In truth, though, this is a relatively small percentage of all the pictures that I could have posted, so bask in our cuteness and pipe down, Internet.

We met our friends The Rays at a pumpkin patch in Wheatland, at their suggestion. Wheatland, in case you are wondering, is on the other side of the known universe from Davis, and Ian and I both have well-documented aversions to long drives. Ian's aversion beat mine, so I drove. While we did wonder why The Rays had requested a pumpkin patch on the other side of the known universe several times during the drive (especially since there is a pumpkin patch every 2.5 feet this time of year), when we got there, we understood. Wheatland's Pumpkin Patch is not so much a patch as a giant pumpkin-themed festival. Mason and Maggie both coped with the stimulation by finding their happy place in slumber.

Mason did wake up long enough to reflect, alongside Max, on the dorkiness of their respective parents, and the many ways that that dorkiness was intruding upon their lives and happiness.

There was a small petting zoo, featuring goats, pigs, lambs, etc. Max very much wanted to go into the petting enclosure, but he was not so keen on actually petting anything. In fact, he looked at us like we were nuts when we suggested it. He only touched a goat once, and that may have been by accident.

Yep, he's wearing a skeleton suit. Yep, it is sort of black and tight-fitting, making him look like he's a member of an improv dance troupe from the back. And yep, he is adorable in it.

And speaking of adorable --!

Look, I found a little pumpkin!

Max in the patch, yo.

Max's favorite part of the day may have been the fact that he got to eat fried food and drink lemonade, neither of which are usual parts of his diet and both of which were proclaimed ambrosial.
By the time we drove back across the entire universe and found ourselves in Davis again, we were all pretty tired. Once we have recovered from the festivities, however, we will be gearing up for Round 2 with The Patch, although we may choose a pumpkin patch within our own planetary system next time. Sadly, in all the excitement of the day, we failed to pick a single pumpkin. And Ian will touch pumpkin goo this year, despite his protests. Traditions are important, and stepping outside his comfort zone is character-building, and he is actually quite a gifted jack o' lantern sculptor. And I really enjoy bothering him.


Jabbertrack said...

We totally drove right through Wheatland yesterday to get to the National Yo-Yo Championships. Had I known there was a patch of that magnitude we'd have totally stopped.

Chelsa said...

I had no idea you were a National level yo-yoer.

Ian said...

I can't repel patches of that magnitude.