Friday, January 11, 2008

Thomas The Tank Engine's Evil Twin

Max enjoys trains. He likes it when we drive past them, he likes stories about them, and he likes playing with small toy versions of them. This led us, somewhat naturally, to Thomas The Tank Engine, and Max and Thomas carry on their friendship through Thomas videos, Thomas action figures, and Thomas bath toys. Thomas, by the way, is blue. So when Max began telling me about the adventures of a secondary character, who went by the name of "Black Thomas", I was alarmed. What evil, alternate dimension Thomas was Max in unholy contact with? Then I realized that Max was talking about a small piece of his Ikea train set, which happens to be the same shape as Thomas and which is, as you can see, black. I was relieved, until I heard a small voice emanating from Black Thomas this morning, commanding me to derail all the other train cars. And, sure enough, if you look closely at Black Thomas, you can see that my initial fears were not unfounded:
Black Thomas, Ladies and Gentlemen: His paint is black, and so is his SOUL!


Jabbertrack said...

boys and trains = rad times

a couple weeks ago we took Merritt to the Sacramento Railroad Museum... upstairs is Thomas area for kids and he had a blast

Anonymous said...

This train of thought is a little disturbing.

Sorry it had to be said.

Chelsa said...

Listen, Anonymous. Drive-by punning is just so unacceptable.

Auntie Aly said...

that had to have come from dad.
that comment has Allan Fry written allll over it.

Chelsa said...

I share your suspicions, Aly, but without concrete evidence, we have very little hope of convicting him.