Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just Two Zombies Shy Of A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Yesterday, a great and terrible storm raged through Davis. The power was out at our house from 9 am until sometime this morning, and I think we got off easy, because much of Yolo County is still looking decidedly non-electric. I have discovered (and feel free to borrow my notes on this, to spare you the necessity of conducting your own experiments) that nine hours in a cold dark apartment, with no phone and no way to entertain, clean, or cook for myself or my two small children, is not nearly as fun as it sounds. Ian, on the other hand, spent the day at work fielding insurance-based questions about storm damage. When Ian got home, we took one look at each other (as best as we could, in the darkness), took in the steely gleam of desperation in each other's eyes, and took to the hills. We turned up on our friends' doorstep, dirty, disheveled, and hungry. Despite this, we were invited to stay for the night, which we did. Driving through Davis, on our way to and from our more electricity-rich friends' house, was quite bizarre. There were no lights on anywhere, trees were down, power lines cowered on the sides of the roads. There was even a giant tumbleweed rolling down Cowell Boulevard this morning. "This is exactly like the beginning of 28 Days Later," Ian remarked. "Only without the zombies" I replied. Then we both realized that you never see the zombies right off the bat -- they're always lurking in the shadows when the movie opens. Then we both looked around nervously.


zombie #1 said...

I just hate to see 0 thought I would throw mine in from the dark corners. I'm still looking for zombie #2.

Zombie #2 said...

Sorry. I was grabbing a Gutbomb in the Hotdogger. Man, I love that place!

Jabbertrack said...

I was gaming all weekend using up mass amounts of glorious electricity.

I even got some extra time to do so on Friday when the power went out at work and we could do nothing but go home.

(for the curious... we run UPS's... but they only last long enough for you to shut everything down)

Chelsa said...

We didn't get off too badly -- our power was out for just under 24 hours, and we spent the night elsewhere. That nine hours with just me and the two kids in the cold and dark were long, long hours, though.