Monday, January 14, 2008

Future Food Network Star

Max is currently hard at work pitching the pilot episode of his new show, Quick And Easy Dinners You Can Make In Your Bathroom Using Everyday Ingredients That You Either Could Not Physically Eat Or Would Not Want To to Food Network executives. Here is a little preview:

You want to start out with a really thick and hearty foundation of foam alphabet puzzle pieces for this recipe, and then thoroughly moisten them. If the entire bathroom isn't soaked, then you have not added enough water, and if you skimp on the water, your rocks will absorb too much toothpaste and become chewy.

When your letters are completely wetted down, add a few rocks to the sink, and then season with toothpaste to taste. Some people prefer a more subtle hand with the toothpaste, but I like to really pile it on.

Stir all ingredients vigorously enough to splash water onto the mirror and anyone standing near you.

Test for consistency and flavor.

This recipe looks impressive, tastes delicious, and is so easy and versatile! Try foam numbers instead of letters for a fun twist! As long as you add plenty of water, you can't go wrong. Make it for your family tonight!

1 comment:

penny said...

I suspect that Max will perfect his recipes as he gets more comfortable with the flavoured toothpaste seasonings.
So many possiblilites. I see a future with a 5* restaurant, the speciality of course "toothpaste soup."