Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh, Max

Max to Mama: Oh! Mama, get it out, please? (waddles over to Mama, points to groin.)
Mama: Get what out? Do you need your diaper changed?
Max: Oh, fix it, Mama! Oh! Fix it, please?
Mama: Fix what? Your diaper?
Max: OH!
(Mama notices Max clutching a fold of his pajamas. She unzips his jammies to investigate.)
Mama: You put an actual foam 'O' down your pants?
Max: Yeah, Mama.
Mama: Oh.


Anonymous said...

"O" the Humanity !!!

Jessi Fry said...

Oh no! Driveby punner strikes again.

Chelsa said...

If you catch the drive by punner in action, please contact the proper authorities immediately. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to bring him or her down by yourself. We are clearly dealing with a dangerous individual.

Auntie Aly said...

if we do catch him/her maybe we can sue for PUNitive damages.

Chelsa said...


Jessi Fry said... out Chels apparently its an infectious disease