Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Max to Mama (pointing to a picture in a magazine): That's a woman, Mama?
Mama to Max: Yeah, that is a woman.
Max: More womans?
Mama: What's a woman, Max?
Max: Womans.
Mama: Is Daddy a woman?
Max: Noooo. (Laughs) Dada is a GUY.
Mama: What about Max? Is Max a woman?
Max: No no, Mama. Max is a guy. Maggie a woman? Nooo. Maggie's a baby. All naked! (We were changing Maggie's diaper at the time.)
Mama: What about Mama? Is Mama a woman?
Max: No.
Mama: Mama's not a woman?
Max: Mama is a LADY.

That's my boy.

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margaret said...

is it too soon for me to have a talk with max about why "lady" is a gendered term, and not in a good way? perhaps it could come during a viewing of "lady and the tramp" or perhaps a princess-y disney movie? let me know when you can pencil me in. :)