Friday, January 18, 2008

Dynamic Duo

The whole sibling rivalry phenomenon is sort of a mystery to me, because I was a perfect child who never, ever argued with any of my siblings. (Incidentally, Sisters, you are respectively forbidden to contradict this statement by mentioning any of the following: chocolate chips up the nose, Fisher Price farms allegedly chucked at any one's head, diapers hurled from cribs at unholy hours, beet greens, and any or all car vomiting or urinations. You know who you are and which of the things on this list you're connected with.) As far as I can tell, Max and Maggie cope with their sibling hood quite nicely. Maggie adores Max. Everything he does fascinates her. We think that the main impetus behind her freakish drive to walk is so that she can propel herself into his business more independently and efficiently. Max is less certain about Maggie. Last week, all in one day, he articulated the following three sentences to/about her: "Maggie's so, so cute!" "No no Maggie touch it!" and the classic, "Maggie all done! Go away now, Maggie!" You can see that he is conflicted. He likes her, but she bugs him.

Sometimes they can play together for short stretches. (I mostly included this picture because it has the backs of both offspring heads featured. I have a thing with the fuzzy backs of baby heads, and so does my mum. Enjoy, Granny!)

Sometimes, Max decides that he is done being tolerant, and tries to run Maggie over with a tricycle and make it look like an accident. And that, by the way, is why this particular tricycle has now gone to stay at Granny and Gramps' house.

My very favorite thing in the entire world, universe, galaxy, cosmos, etc., is when they laugh together. I think a lot about their relationship in terms of myself -- am I giving each one enough attention, am I juggling naps and feedings and bathings in the best way, why are they both yelling at me, and so on. When they play and laugh together, though, I am reminded that they will have a lifelong relationship with each other that has nothing to do with me at all. And I am so excited to see what they do with it.


granny said...

This one wins a prize. It brought tears to my eyes.

granny said...

Oh, and thank you for a double dose of back-of-baby-heads (-: