Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008, Thus Far

My mum informed me this morning that it is bad luck to ring in the New Year with an old blog post. I am pretty sure that she is lying, but to be on the safe side, I have now finished two blog posts in one day. Here is what we have been up to in '08 so far:

An overachiever as usual, Maggie has decided to grow two teeth at once, and consequently has been doing some gnawing. So far, she has chewed through our sofa, our Christmas tree (quite handy, really -- instead of painstakingly removing the ornaments and walking the tree to the curb, we simply let Maggie worry the tree down into sawdust with her sharp little tooth stubs, catching the ornaments as she spit them to either side, and then swept up the sawdust pile when she was done), and is halfway through a kitchen chair leg. This is a bird's eye picture of her carving her initials into my flesh with her fanglets. Yes, it is quite painful, thanks for asking.

I, meanwhile, have been busy solving this mystery: How did this large dandelion seed take root in our rocking chair?

Wait a minute ... I see eyes! That's no dandelion!

What are you doing, Max?

I in a box, Mama! I hiding! Legos, too! I building! No no Maggie building box.


granny said...

Now ye are aff tae a guid new year. Wi' the wee bairns it will be a bonnie year as well. Ach eye lassie, yer mum's gane daft waitin' fer a new blog.

Jessi Fry said...

I have just had a thought here...what if Maggie is the real world incarnation of Sunny Baudelaire? Definitely should be looked in to. I do forsee her getting you out of all sorts of perilous situations and comical crapes in 08. Power to you small fanged niece :)

Chelsa said...

Outstanding! Not only will she chew her way out of all kinds of difficulties, but she is destined to become an inventive and highly skilled chef by the time she's one!