Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is It Just Me ...

... or is Max sort of weirdly identical to Dash from The Incredibles? We were watching it together yesterday, and I exclaimed over the resemblance. Max laughed and said, "No, Mama!" But then again, he's two. He says no to everything.
I personally think that the similarities are alarming. Large head, blonde hair, big blue eyes, cheery disposition, poorly concealed superpowers. It's almost as if Max is the mild-mannered alter ego of Dash! Wouldn't that be crazy?



granny said...

His hair needs to be combed back, and his ears need to stick out a bit more...but yes, there definitely is a resemblence. And you're right, the superpowers are not so well hidden...
1. able to make grown up people roll on the floor laughing.
2. able to make granny and gramps feel like it was a great night - even though they didn't sleep a wink - because he was snuggled up next to them.
3. able to make kissing a booger nose or an owie seem like the most glamorous job in the world.

Oh I could go on, but you get the point.

granny said... does the mask stay on? Just wondering.