Saturday, September 23, 2006


Max's style of play has become more sophisticated recently, now that he has turned one and feels that he has an image to keep up. Ian gets this transformer car down for Max in the evenings (it is a supervised play only toy, because some of the pieces could be eaten and choked on), and Max's whole self lights up when he sees it. What's weird is that he rolls it back and forth on the ground and says "vrooooommmm!". How does he know that cars go 'vrooom'? I don't think that either Ian or I has taught him this, and yet it appears to be ingrained. Ian is very proud of this, as he feels it is portentous of Max's inherent manliness.

I don't know what this is portentous of. More teeth coming in? An inexplicable rage towards all cars, inherited from his mother? Or are we just not feeding him enough rubber and metal?


Raging Wombat said...

There is nothing more manly than taking joy in eating a transformer. Nothing. Saying 'vroom' while rolling it around is further proof. It warms my heart.

Auntie Aly said...

I'd be lying if i said i wasnt impressed. vroom? how delightful! What a perfect 1 year old boy. Please give him a happy birthday kiss and snuggle from his Auntie and explaine to him that i would love to be there rolling around with the snakes and lizards on the grass that is still green in the t-shirt weather but i am unable as i am currently trapped in the place where hell did infact freeze over (Edmonton). Would someone please remind me again why i didnt go to UCD? Then i could see my favorite family of three and frolic in my t-shirt all day long.(its quite a task to frolic in my parka and long johns) Maybe someday i will succumb to my inner cold weather detester and become a Californian. Until then however i'll live vicariously through your blog.

Chelsa said...

sounds like you're really enjoying Edmonton, there, Long Johns.