Monday, September 25, 2006

Goin' Grazin'

All right, I admit it. Despite my best efforts at cleanliness, sometimes Max's high chair remains coated in filth for a little while after he is finished eating. He has recently become very enamored of shredded cheese, and the cheese shreds get everywhere while he is eating them. I try to clean them all up in a timely fashion, but sometimes I am in a rush, or other chores are more pressing (stinky diaper, impending cat/baby conflict, etc.), and the high chair briefly stands as a monument to baby slime. Much to my annoyance, Max seems to prefer these wayward bits of leftover food to his actual meal.

Here he is today, immediately after eating a granola bar in the high chair (and throwing about half of it down the pants), carefully selecting a previously rejected morsel of food for illicit consumption.

Jackpot! A giant chunk of granola bar, stashed in the chair and just waiting to be snagged by an enterprising baby!

Oh, Hi Mama!I didn't see you there! Oh, me? I'm not doing anything at all. I'm just standing here, you know, looking adorable. I'm sure not eating pieces of filth off the chair or anything. You know me, Mr. Never-Eats-Filth. Yep. You might as well just move along, Mama. There's nothing to see here, that's for sure.

Okay, I may have eaten one piece of filth. I had you going for a second or two, though, didn't I? Look how cute I am. Let's all focus on the cuteness, and leave the past in the past. That's what I think we should do.


Anonymous said...

just look at what the lack of TV is doing to poor Max :(

he's becoming ferrel

Raging Wombat said...

Actually, that last pose of Max is anything but feral. He looks quite dapper, which comes with its own problems, of course ...

Chelsa said...

you're right, Justin. It is the juxtaposition between his gentlemanly posture and demeaner and the profoundly ungentlemanly act of eating food off the floor that makes Max's behavior so disturbing.