Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back In The Saddle

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So good to be back. I have always believed (and not without years of hard evidence) that Ian was the computer-addict of our family, but I have to say, these two weeks have been rough. I have come to really love using our blog to keep track of our adventures, and using other people's blogs as a way to keep in touch. Anyway, our drought is ended, and we are back. While we were gone, we moved (obviously), we discovered Ikea (Ian wants to live there, but I am reluctant to move again so soon) and bought a bunch of furniture to replace the stuff we sold. We love our new apartment a lot. Even including the fact that it is a bit smaller, and that most of our stuff is scattered throughout the house in random boxes, it is an infinite amount more cheerful and comfortable than our old house.

Max has been busy during our internet absence, as well. He has grown some more teeth, bringing his grand total up to three and a half. He has added "cat" to his vocabulary, along with "mama", "dada", and "grrrrrr!" (The growling is in response to Granny attempting to teach him animal noises. He quickly grasped that the lion says "grrr". He also thinks that cows, elephants, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, birds, horses, and sheep say "grrr". I will not be visiting that petting zoo any time soon.) He climbs like a monkey. Unfortunately, he climbs like a clumsy monkey, and got his first bloody nose right after we moved. There were a lot of valuable lessons about gravity to be learned from the experience. Max has chosen not to learn them. He has also become very interested in opening drawers and cupboards. We have safety-proofed our house, but the whole time we were doing it, I kept thinking about that saying about more complicated mouse-traps breeding smarter mice.

... And speaking of mouse-traps. We borrowed this from Ian's parents to transport the cats, but I am thinking of asking if I can keep it. If I pad the sides, I could keep Max perfectly safe in there all day, and it's not really any weirder than those kid leashes that I am always seeing at the mall.

I will have pictures of our new apartment posted as soon as it looks like an apartment instead of a cardboard box-encrusted tomb. Our couch was delivered today, so we are one step closer. Stay tuned!


Raging Wombat said...

Good to have you back. The blogosphere (shudder) has been empty without you.

We use those leashes for our girls, only they are attached to spiked collars like a guard dog's. Go for the cage, that would work wonders on Max's psyche.

Also, I love the phrase 'cardboard box-encrusted tomb.' That would make for a great band name or book title.

Jabbertrack said...

cage cage!

he already can growl... you can just teach him that "grrr" means "feed me"

Ian said...

Good to have you back! Plus you have the washer and dryer arriving today! Plus dish will be installed on Monday! Everything is comeing up Ian and Chelsa. Plus Max's birthday is Saturday...what should I get him?

granny said...

Yeah...the internet is worth surfing once again. And it is always nice to have new Ikea converts. No wonder Max is growling when you're thinking about keeping him in a cage for goodness sake.