Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Giant Leap For Maxkind

Max took his first ever independent, not holding anyone, not touching anything step last night! We were unable to capture footage of the event itself, mostly because it took us by surprise, but I have recreated it as best I could with the following photos:

Max started out walking back and forth along the edge of the couch, holding onto the side. I call this 'the crab walk', because it goes sideways and he scrabbles along so quickly with his little bowlegged limbs.

Max decided that he wanted to get over to the computer, which has a wealth of sweet forbidden buttons and cords to mess with. The computer chair was just far enough away that Max couldn't get from the couch to the chair without letting go. He braced himself, let go of the couch, swayed for a second to get his balance, and stepped over to the computer chair.

Max, brilliant evil mastermind that he is, took advantage of his parents' delighted amazement over his accomplishment, and quickly touched all the most forbidden parts of the computer during the distraction.

Unfortunately, Step Two did not go quite as smoothly as Step One. Max started out strong with his repeat performance, but his feet got a bit tangled mid-stride, and he fell and bonked his head on the computer desk. Here is the war wound to prove the truth of my tale. He wears it with pride.


Anonymous said...

congrats max!

bruises are baby badges of honor!

Raging Wombat said...

That explains the wound I saw on him yesterday. Mystery answered. Good for him!