Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don't Fence Me In

We put a baby gate across the kitchen doorway yesterday, in response to Max's ever-increasing fascination with the oven dials and other things that could kill us all. We were inclined to believe that the baby gate would be an unpopular addition, and we were not disappointed.

At first, when I went into the kitchen this morning and Max discovered that following me was suddenly not an option anymore, he examined the new obstacle in his path relatively calmly. He went to work, with systematic determination, to dismantle or overturn his new nemesis.

When the challenge proved greater than anticipated (thank you, makers of the baby gate), Max's independent spirit cracked in a few places. He requested help in removing the gate, and was baffled and dismayed to find that his father, mother, and both cats seemed to have taken the gate's side of the conflict.

This is a baby whose Mama's cruelty knows no bounds. Not only is she not removing the baby gate, but she is photographing the subsequent rage and frustration! Oh, cold betrayal, thy name is Mama.


Anonymous said...

aw :(

well the fun had to end sometime I guess

"for your own good" is never something they want to hear

Raging Wombat said...

Awesome sequence! The heart break and indignation at the betrayal is so apparent.

I'm glad that Julia isn't the only one having to cope with fences and gates.

granny said...

First came the face wipes and the indignity of diaper changes, then the cage and now jail time. Is there no end to the cruelty that a little baby has to face? Next you will be expecting him to sleep in his own bed for goodness sake.

Chelsa said...

to be completely fair, Max is outside the jail, so he is not so much doing jail time as being denied jail time.