Monday, December 04, 2006

Weaning Wars

Max is now officially a non-nursing baby. I am a little sad that that part of my life as Max's mama is over, but my body is really grateful to not be trying to make breastmilk while simultaneously trying to grow the world's most ginormous baby. The weaning process has gone much more smoothly than I thought it would. Max was still using nursing to put himself to sleep a good 97% of the time, and I was very afraid that he would simply stop sleeping in protest when nursing was no longer an option. This has fortunately not proven to be the case. Max is a pretty easy-going baby, and he has resigned himself to a nip-free lifestyle with his good spirits intact. I have noticed, however, that he spends a lot more of his waking hours attached to me than he did before. He wants to be held more often and closer than before. I don't really mind this. Unless I have to pee, I actually kind of like it. Max has also started biting a little bit, however, and this is less enjoyable. I'm not sure if his biting is in vengeance for the weaning, or if he is just taking up a new oral fixation, like when people who are trying to quit smoking take up gum-chewing. I am thinking about getting Max a couple of those chewy dog bones, to see if that solves his problem. If I get him one of those baby leashes, too, I could take him to the mall and bask in the admiring stares.

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