Friday, December 15, 2006

Brotherly Love

Max has become very interested in Speck lately, although I do not think that he is aware of all the possible ramifications. I would love to be able to see into his brain, to know what he thinks we are talking about when we tell him about Speck. Since his sibling does not yet take his toys, pull his hair, or steal his parents' attention, Max so far feels a lot of affection towards him/her, and takes every opportunity to pat, kiss, or hug my tummy. (Occasionally, he will also point to or pet Ian's stomach, but Ian is doing his best to discourage the notion that he, too, is carrying around a Speck.)

Despite some deep misgivings about posting documentation of my exposed pregnant stomach flesh, I decided that this picture is just too cute to leave behind. Max is giving Speck his special brand of sucker-fish-style, open-mouthed kiss, with extra drool.

I can feel Speck wriggling around a little bit now (doing his/her own version of the rump-shaker dance, no doubt), and I love the moments when I have Max to hug on the outside, and Speck on the inside. It makes it begin to sink in that I will soon be a mama of two!

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granny said...

A belly full of baby is a beautiful site. Especially a Chili Bean baby belly. From a soon-to-be granny of 2, I am so very proud of my soon-to-be mama of 2.