Sunday, December 17, 2006

Operation: Max Sleeps Solo (Day 5)

Status Of Mission: Tentative Declarations Of Victory

Well, Max has slept in his own bed for the past three nights in a row, for eight hours apiece, without any lives or respective sanities lost. He has had a much easier adjustment than I thought he would have (day one notwithstanding), and has once again proven himself tougher and more adaptable than either of his parents. Indeed, I think it's possible that he sleeps better in the crib than he did with us, not being up close and personal with every toss and turn we make. Ian and I have had a slightly harder time reacquainting ourselves with solo sleeping. The first night, neither of us slept very well at all. We both kept looking over to make sure that Max was still breathing, hadn't somehow lodged his head in between the crib posts (which would be a feat requiring supernatural powers, given Max's sizable noggin), and hadn't leaped silently out of bed, over our bed (which is right beside the crib), and into the next dimension of space. The second and third nights, Ian seemed to sleep better (or so I surmise from the fact that both he and Max happily snored away for most of the night), but I kept waking up in a panic, thinking that I had lost Max in the folds of our bed. I have spent over a year of nights being really aware of the fact that Max is right beside me, and it has altered my sleep patterns more than I realized. I have done a bunch of reading about how to ease the transition from family bed to solo sleeping for the baby, but Max turned out to be fairly transitionable (so far, at least). Maybe I need to write a book about easing transitions for the mama ... as soon as I figure out how. On the plus side, I am enjoying having more space for my giant fetal companion, and I am really enjoying having quiet time with just Ian after Max goes to bed. I still check on Max every now and then, but I am getting better. I have only peeked at him three or four times tonight, and made Ian peek at him twice, in the two hours since he went to bed.


Jabbertrack said...

You could totally get one of those dolls that pees on a timer and recreate the Max experience.

For added fun leave the diaper off

Chelsa said...

Can you get the doll programmed so that its head gets really sweaty at intervals throughout the night? Cause it wouldn't really be the full Max experience without the sweaty head.