Thursday, December 14, 2006

Operation: Max Sleeps Solo (Day Two)

Status Of Mission: Mighty Strides Forward

Last night went much better than the night before. I put Max to bed for both naps in his crib yesterday, and while he did fuss a bit, he never really full-out cried, and definitely did not descend into hysterics. His naps were not as long in the crib as they usually are in the big bed, so by the time bedtime rolled around last night, he was a tired baby. It took him about five minutes to fall asleep, and he was quite peaceful for about half the night. It was very strange for Ian and I to have the living room to ourselves after Max went to bed. Usually, I put Max to sleep in our bed, and then one of us has to stay with him so he doesn't roll out of bed. Ian and I were both at loose ends for awhile. I can see, however, that it will be really nice to have that time to ourselves once we get used to it. (And once we do get used to it, Speck will be born, and we'll be plunged into chaos again.) I am extremely relieved that last night was so much easier -- it hurts my heart when Max is so sad, even when I know (and I do ... I'm not completely delusional) that he will ultimately be fine and that we are doing what is best for everyone. In the wee hours of the morning, Max came into our bed again for some family snuggle time. It was nice to have the space in the bed (although Speck is taking up his/her fair share), but it was a little bit lonely to be without Max. As uncomfortable as our crammed full o' people bed is sometimes, it is always better to have too many people to snuggle you than not enough.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't think I thought you were delusional :(

I just thought it would be nice to hear that someone could relate should you be left with the 'crying' option.

Chelsa said...

The delusional comment wasn't aimed at you. It was more aimed at myself ... I am continually surprised that, after ten years of making 25 preschoolers hop to it without batting an eye, I am such an incurable softie when it comes to my own child. It was nice to hear that you can relate -- I forgot that you were left alone for some of the day with Merritt. I am glad to hear that he seems to be reconciling himself to his Mama-less hours.