Monday, December 11, 2006

The Reluctant Who

My parents came over yesterday, and brought Max a big truckload of clothing. (Just in time, too, because he has grown at an alarming rate recently, and most of his warm clothes do not fit anymore. We have been getting comments about underdressing our child when we take him out in the cold.) Among Max's new apparel items were two hats, both with two tufty horns. I have been hankering after this style of baby hat since long before there was a baby, so I was thrilled. Max, however, was not. One of the hats does not have a chin strap, and this one is not pictured, because Max kept removing it at the speed of light. This red hat has a restraining strap, so he couldn't take it off, but he was not moved in the slightest by my arguments that he looked adorable in it, or that I had been waiting for years to dress him in a two-pronged hat, or that it would keep his ears warm when we go out, and therefore keep strangers from calling child protective services on us.

Max has not yet forgiven me for this photo session, although I helped him take the hat off over an hour ago. He is walking around muttering to himself, avoiding coming within ten feet of my hat-trapping self and glaring at me out of the corners of his eyes, and if I had a baby translator right now, my feeling is that I'd be hearing some curse words.


Anonymous said...

I would have some choice phrases for strangers who offered up fashion advice.

I walked into work today in shorts and short sleeve shirt because... really... it's CALIFORNIA and NOT SNOWING.

I'm instantly met with shock and surprise from everyone.

"aren't you cold?"
"gosh I'd be freezing if I was you!"

These are the same idiots that run space heaters in a 72 degree building in the winter, then cry about how hot a 72 degree building is in the summer.

anyway... the hat is um... decorative :)

Chelsa said...

It's mostly little old people who get up-set that Max is not wearing shoes, socks, gloves, a hat, and a coat, even though I do explain that he is never cold, that we live in a warm climate, and that there is no point in putting socks/shoes/hats on him because he kicks them off and eats them. If we bundled him up, there would be a gang of people commenting on how he looked hot wherever we went. I am glad you find the hat decorative -- now if you could convince your godson, we'd be set.