Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Max Takes On Christmas (Part One)

Technically, this is Max's second Christmas, but he was only three months old last year, and was mainly focused on milk consumption and holding his head upright without wobbling. This year, he was much more aware of the Christmas frenzy, and was alternately delighted by it and stressed out by it (much as we all are). As you can imagine, there are many pictures of Max reveling in the yuletide season, and I have really tried to restrain myself and only post a few. I have managed this restraint by telling myself that I can break up the Christmas photo extravaganza into several small blog posts, and therefore get in all the pictures I want to without creating one three mile long and terrifyingly intimidating blog post that takes seven years worth of coffee breaks to read.

Santa overwhelmed Max with presents this year, and we actually lost the poor soul amongst all the loot a few times. Fortunately, he was able to tunnel his way through the wrapping paper and resurface by the time breakfast rolled around.

Despite the fact that Max is more cognisant of Christmas this year, he is not quite in the limitless energy for opening presents phase of his life yet. He liked the wrapping paper, and he opened a few gifts with a certain enthusiasm, but our attempts to whip him up into a present-opening frenzy were increasingly unsuccessful as the day wore on. About halfway through the gift-unwrapping, Max said, "Done. All done", and waved his hands in a world-weary, warding-off gesture. Ian and I opened the rest of his presents later that evening, while Max was sleeping.

Max received both the grinch and his dog, Max, for a Christmas eve present. He did not really spare the dog a second glance (perhaps he was offended that a dog shares his name), but he thought that the grinch was really funny.

Grandma and Grandpa Tillman conspired with Santa to bring Max this tricycle. No, Phil is not harpooning Max in the diapered bum, he is attaching a handle that goes on the back of the trike, so that we can push Max on the trike without having to hunch over. It is a really cool trike, and Max did a few laps around the Tillman house, grinning like a mad weasel the whole time.

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Jabbertrack said...


That Grinch is the best ever

Merritt shares Max's love for wrapping paper... that picture you have of max reaching for that blue shiny piece with Sam holding is almost completely recreated with an equally aged baby of our own.