Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip Teaser

We are back from Canada. Max and Maggie are both missing the constant stream of adoring fans, but I think they are happy to be home. Max fell asleep on Ian's lap around 6:30 last night, woke up at 7:00 this morning, and was put back to bed (at his request) around noon. He is still asleep as we speak. Maggie, much less desirably, is dealing with her jet lag by yelling at me a lot. Oh, and she knows how to walk now -- not just the odd step here and there, but long distances -- and so if I go into the bathroom or the kitchen or somewhere to escape her wrath momentarily, she can follow me in and yell up close and personally. Not good.
Our trip was lovely and peaceful and a little too short. There are many, many, a lot, I am not joking, MANY pictures, but what with the yelling Maggie and the laundry and the unpacking and the sheer magnitude of pictures to go through, they may have to be shared in several increments. For now, allow me to offer you the following bullet point-style summary:
*The oldest of my younger sisters is engaged. Her future husband is British, so Ian had many exciting opportunities to examine/mock not only the Canadian accent, as per usual, but the English accent as well. Bonus!
*Maggie does not like being in her car seat. She does not like it for short distances. She REALLY does not like it for long distances. She does not like it on a plane. She does not like it on a train. She does not like it here or there. She does not like it anywhere.
*My dad magically transformed his house into a toy-filled wonderland for our visit. When he busted out the giant nerf rocket launcher (oh, yes, I did say rocket launcher), he literally rubbed his hands together with glee. He makes a very cute grandpa.
*Not to nitpick, California, but we go away for a fricking week, and you retaliate by setting yourself on fire? I missed you, too, but it seems like an extreme reaction, is all I'm saying.
*Next up: family photos where we play Spot Who's Making The Weird Face! A moving montage of Max jumping on his aunties with total disregard for the health and happiness of their internal organs! Maggie makes shifty eyes in a variety of scenic locations! Stay tuned!

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santa bell said...

Hey guys, welcome back. No need to pay me, or even than me, for taking care of home and hearth...we're family for goodness sake. It sounds like Canada was a lot of fun. Hopefully I can get my passport together to join you next year. I am quite comfy where I am though, so I'll probably be here quite awhile.